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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Beginning in earnist

Well things have actually begun to look like they will loog for the next year.

My father left on monday, which meant, apart from missing him terribly, I was no longer welcome at our hotel, The Qinghua Yuan Bingguan. Now I live on the fifth floor of an old chinese appartment building on campus. It is a quiet neighborhood that in america would probobly be called a housing project. Rows of identical five story appartment buildings each with their own little number to identify themself. I live in the Nan(south) 12-1 building.

The appartment itself is rather nice, but I think I already described it in a previous post.

Yesterday I took my entrance exams. They did not go particularly well, but if they did I would not need to be here studying this infuriatingly strange language. Ah well. I am trying to keep a positive attitude about everything.

After my test there was the opening ceremony, during which we were told that we were the best of the best, and as such should not skip classes or drink on the bar street. Both good pieces of advice I must admit.

Today's business includes both a campus tour and possibly the purchase of a bicycle.

When my internet access is stabilized at the appartment I will try to send pictues.


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