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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

That summer Feeling

The summer feeling has led to a lot of laziness on my part, and thus I have neglected this blog. My apologies. As always thanks to Dan for busting my chops to keep writing.

Speaking of Dan, he is not a bad example of one way to live a life. He just graduated with a degree in computer science, something which landed him a decent paying job in a major accounting firm for the fall, with a signing bonus hefty enough to let him spend his whole summer traveling. The man just took my backpack and hoofed it off to Europe. When I discussed his future career with him, he told me that it was not that he loved accounting, but that he wanted a job he could leave at the office. My girlfriend Sarah has expressed similar thoughts. My history major background does not exactly make me a hot ticket for an accounting firm, but I could work my way into happy career in business.

The other big development in my process is that I have found a cool grad school that would help me keep my options open. The Fletcher school Tufts University offers a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy. This degree would allow me to pursue business, international policy studies, or academics. Another big advantage is that my girlfriend lives about a mile from there.

Hope your summers are all going well. Mine is actually pretty good, excepting some unfortunate news that I will include in a separate post momentarily.

Also, a program called PlecoDict, a Chinese dictionary program for the Palm Handheld OS, has changed my life. It basically turns a palm pilot into a Chinese dictionary, and allows you to look up characters by writing them on the screen.


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