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Friday, April 21, 2006

A Change in Plan

2006-4 night pictures 011
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Once upon a time I was a karaoke (here we say Ka La OK) King. I was averaging three weekends a month spent in the enjoyment of, and recovery from singing my heart out until four in the morning. In these more sedate times, I must admit that I have not stepped foot in a Karaoke bar since early February. So the plan tonight was to rekindle our love of packing into a tiny room with two mikes, a TV, and a loud PA system.

After a tasty dinner at the Yunan Restaurant on Chengfu Road, another neglected former love, we took a stroll down qinghua nan road to the fantastically named "Rambling through Time". We arrived to find that not only had it changed its name, but it was booked up by a private party for the evening.

So instead I took a stroll around the campus and gave my new MINI-tripod, recently purchased at the photography market, a test run. The results tend to lean a bit to the left, but I like them. Check them out on my flickr page.


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